Nobody knows

    Every person has a different aspect on death. Death seems to just be a normal part of living. In the end, people just die. There are different theories on life after death but no single person has ever theorized correctly. 

     I see things most people don’t. I see the people in the dark, the creatures lurking in the forests, and the whispers floating around the air. I see the amazing things that life really is, and I see the light leave a person before they’re even dying. 

     Nobody knows how life truly works. People build religions and faith in order to trick themselves into beleiving they understand. They don’t. Nobody but me and a select few others will ever know the secret to life. 

     Life is filled with magic and creatures people cannot see. There are people that aren’t truly people, there are other beings lurking in silence around humans every day, and there are causes to every day problems most wouldn’t understand. 

     Nobody knows these things because they are blind; but I am not blind. I see people dying and can see their energy go into the universe and feed the existence of everything that is. I feel the dream instead of just dreaming it. I know people without ever meeting them. 

    Nobody knows; but I do.